Pots about pottery.

A couple of weeks ago my good university friend Caitlin came to visit, and after a night out on the tiles we thought we'd unwind with our friend Tom...what better way to chill than with pot..tery!

We did a small workshop with Gemma, founder of Home Thrown Studio (www.homethrownstudio.com) over at The Factory Studios in Boscombe.

The whole workshop was amazing! It was relaxed and Gem gave us loads of options of ways to work! I made a coil bowl - Which consists of rolling loads of clay sausages and and building them around a sort of cast. Im not sure "clay sausages" is a technical term but hopefully you get the idea!

I also had a spin on the wheel! With Gems instructions it didn't come out half bad and I am really looking forward to going back and painting them!